Ground Control Gi

Ground Control gis are mainly known for being very lightweight. Those who own Ground Control gis say that the gis are the lightest of the ultra lite. Because they don't way much compared to other BJJ gis, Ground Control kimonos should be ideal for training in hot weather, and also if you just really need to make weight sometimes. And while the gis use very light cloth, the material is still strong, sturdy, and the gis are well-made. Check out the kimonos from Ground Control Fight Gear.

Here's a pretty good review of the Ground Control Comp 350.

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  1. Ground Control says:

    Our next kimono will be the Comp 350 it will be like a single weave & will come with 8oz rip stop pants . We have taken the big logo off the back of the kimono and added a small logo instead ( to make more room for your school patches )we have also updated our logos and have added more reinforcements to the COMP 350.The COMP 350 will be in next week and the Platinum 350 & Lutador 350 will be next month note: ( The Lutador 350 will only be available for Black Belts ) The Rip Stop Summer 8 Kimonos are almost out of stock and will not be remade until next summer. We thank everyone for there interest in our Kimonos and we take all feedback into consideration when we make our kimonos. Our goal is to make one of the best kimonos on the market . Bare with us as we update our website & products. Use Discount Code * jitsuGi* for 20% off……

    Thank You,

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